28 april 2010

Blogging about knitting wedensday



One Great Knitter

Write about a knitter whose work (whether because of project choice, photography, styling, scale of projects, stash, etc) you enjoy. If they have an enjoyable blog, you might find it a good opportunity to send a smile their way.

Todays subject is a hard one for me. As a resonably new knitter, I haven’t really found one favorite knitter yet. Many different bloggers are my inspiration, and I find myself being inspired again and again, after having wiewed yet another wonderful project.

In fact I can get rather dissy and almost blacked out, from having to chose what next to put on the needles.

As with yarn ( that subject is cuming up soon ), I have a really tough time in putting limits, to the amount of projects in my knitting bag.

Blankets, shawls ( my abfab favorites), cardi’s, socks, sweaters..

The list goes on and on forever, and luckily I have lots of possibilities when i comes to realtives and friends to supply summer and winter :), and I’m a staying home mom too..

I won’t name just one knitter, but list in random a few bloggers who will certainly be familiar in the danish bloggercommunity, and two from abroad who’s colourful designs are a treat for the eye:

Make a visit here:


She has a talented way of making her own designs, and even though they are both a little bit too colourful for me, and VERY difficult in my world, I love to read about her progess. She’s still a very young woman, and who knows what she can accomplish in time?



This woman may not design worldrevolutionary knits, BUT she’s filled with humor, and regularly posts about knitting with a twist. She finds funny, strange and somewhat kinda ugly projects to knit, and recently shes designed her very own unionpillow, just for the fun of it. She makes me smile.


This woman must be on my list of favorite knitters as well, simply because she’s so damn quick on the needles. She impossible to follow, and I can’t belive how she manages a second education late in life, house, family, AND to produce enough to fill a shop with her work :))


At Grendesign’s you’ll find a very skilled knitter, who’s also kompetent when it comes to describe and help with difficult problems in patterns.  She post’s pictures of how to.. and makes a variaty of things to inspire me.


Last but not least..  THIS woman always manages to make me feel the need for yet another project I simply can not live without. It seems to me that her taste is very much like mine, and when she blogs about a pattern, design or project my list of to do’s grows once more,    you evil woman… ;))

The next two will probably be familiar to several of the bloggers outside of Denmark:


She’s a keen chrotcheteer, and her love for squares in bright colours allways makes me feel in desperate need of a new blanket. Every post has it’s own selection of great pictures to inspire, and so they certainly do :)


As a second time around new mom, this blogger and knitter/crotcheteer also is an example to follow.. If only I had the energy. My godness she’s busy as a bee, and manages to take pic’s, compose words and projects into an unbelievably creative blog. As far as I can tell, she’s almost famous.. ;)

We can’t have a post of knitting without a picture of something wooly so take a look at this:


SNC18418 Simple and pretty design from Sweden and I must make one for myself..

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  1. Ihhh, tak for de pæne ord, Henriette!! Jeg bliver jo helt stolt og glad.
    Herlige posts du skriver under dette emne, i øvrigt.

  2. Kære Britt, jamen selvtak da. Det skal du også bare være, for du har en fed blog når man som jeg skal ha inspiration og ideer ;)

    Tak for rosen og rigtig god dag

  3. Hej Henriette :-)
    Tak for de smukke Ord, du ER bare sa sød :-)

  4. HI hi man behøver jo ikke have berømte navne som forbilleder vel..;)

    Rigtig god dag og happy knitting *fnis*

  5. "You are a very VERY bad girl, Gaga!" ;-D

    <3 Kisses to you

  6. Hihi ;)) Nemlig Anita

    Right back a you..